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Helping Ordinary People Excel (H.O.P.E.)

Divine Revelation Entertainment & Educational Services, Inc. is a nonprofit organization formed to provide hope, encouragement, information, and resources to those for whom such is neither immediately or readily accessible.

We produce original plays for both educational and entertainment purposes and,  free to our theatergoers. 

We host concerts, often free to those who could not afford to come and enjoy.  We plan health, well being, and spiritual development workshops with local and nationally Doctors, Mental and Physical Heal and well-being professionals.  Each year we plan and produce the Cancer Conquerors Banquet – celebrating cancer survivorship.

This event, too, is free for all cancer survivors.


We believe that the Arts and Entertainment are healing and artistic expressions. In all that we do, we also entertain as well as, inform. Attending any of our events will evoke laughter,  invite hope, lift spirits and educate.  If we help you, if we touch your spirit, we help you become whole, and we know that you will do the same for someone else.

Most of what we do is shared at no cost, or by “Pay What You Can” (PWYC); as such, donations at these events are graciously accepted.


When you help our organization, we are able to help others. Upon request, receipts for donations $25.00 or more will be provided.

Programs & Services

  • Cancer awareness seminars

  • Emotional & Financial support to cancer sufferers from donated funds

  • Educational plays & skits

  • Acting lessons

  • Liturgical dance lessons

  • Miming lessons

  • Instrumental and vocal techniques

  • Teaching “backstage” techniques and skills in the entertainment arena

For more information contact us today!

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