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The View from the Tunnel –

Experiencing Pain, Peace & Power

This play vividly unveils the struggles, challenges, emotional, spiritual, and psychological impact that Breast Cancer imparts on the afflicted, their caregivers, their friends, and their family. This play promises to change the viewer’s mindset and preconceived views about Breast Cancer.  Based on a real life story of one woman’s journey from diagnosis to recuperation.

Meet The Cast & Crew

We Got Choices, 2010–2014 (Formerly “The Prodigal”)

A comedic drama of lies, family secrets and deception, masquerading as truth with shocking twists and turns, but most of all, it’s a story of a family dealing with life’s issues like: secrets revealed, revulsion, rejection, redemption, and most of all restoration.  Filled with excitement and stand-up-and-clap surprises, life lessons are revealed through this drama.

Second Chance, 2008 –2009

A dramatic presentation of a woman’s obsessive attention to her Bible.  As she neglects and ignores the needs of her husband and her teenage daughter, the husband turns to the bottle, the daughter turns to the street and the family dynamic is disrupted.  She eventually realized her input in the destruction of her family…but…would she her recognize the effect of her behavior in time to save her family?

I Hear You Now Promo Video

They Got Issues Promo Video

Theatre heals and soothes the soul, it excites our senses and allows a momentary escape. We relate to and share in the actor's experience. We cry, we laugh and, at times, we may even dislike our new found friend. We leave feeling refreshed and energized, ready to face reality once again.

                                                                                                                                     - Elaine Blyden Hutchinson

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